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Plastic surgery at its best is a unique blend of artistic creativity and technical skill. No two faces or bodies are exactly the same; every patient is uniquely different. It takes an artist’s eye to critically assess the patient and determine the most appropriate operation as well as a surgeon’s skill to execute that procedure to achieve the best result.

The goal of plastic surgery is to enhance the patient’s physical appearance and thus boost his or her self-esteem and confidence. This website is designed to provide a source of accurate, precise information about the numerous options available to aesthetic patients today. Patients need to be informed and educated about the advantages, disadvantages, and risks of each of the procedures or treatment programs they are considering. A well-informed, educated patient who has a realistic expectation of what can be achieved is usually a less anxious and happier patient.

Choosing a well-qualified plastic surgeon may be the most important decision a patient makes. Safety and avoiding unnecessary risk should be major concerns for every patient. My hope is that patients considering aesthetic surgery will use this website to enhance their knowledge about the numerous options available and understand the importance of choosing an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon to maximize their chance of having a successful, happy outcome.

My staff and I want to provide every patient with an informed, comforting and personal environment to discuss their concerns. We strive to give patients the very best outcomes that will renew their youthful self-confidence. We are here to answer your concerns and relieve your anxieties about taking this step to Be Your Best.



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